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Our Team

Matthew Campagna


Matt C. is primarily responsible for building our advisory network, acquiring funding, product vision, market/competitor research, business management, and product development. He attends Case Western Reserve University where he studies Entrepreneurship and Computer Engineering.

Matthew Roda


Matt R. specializes in clinical development and communications. He attends Penn State University, and there he has initiated a multi-year agreement for clinical validation of the Reflexion Edge. He handles communications with many important figures to Reflexion, including medical professionals and business contacts.

Patrick Walsh


Patrick handles much of Reflexion’s software development needs and website maintenance. He is currently studying Computer Science at Cornell University and is fluent in many programming languages.

John Galanti

Lead Investor, Board Member

John is an experienced entrepreneur and the lead investor in our current seed investment round. He has helped to establish key connections at Pennsylvania State University and provides strategic business guidance to the company.

T. Keith Ward PhD


Keith works primarily on hardware and embedded systems development to improve the Reflexion Edge. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electronic Engineering, a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical and Medical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Computational Numerics. In addition, he has many years of Engineering and Project Management experience leading teams, both large and small, through a product’s entire life-cycle. In addition, Keith programs in C, C++, and has many years of Wintel architecture experience.

Jack Young

Board Member

Jack is an experienced software manager with board experience. He has assisted in the negotiation and selection of product development partners in the past, and he acts as an important advisor to the company.

Dr. Venkatachalam Mangeshkumar

Lead Scientific Advisor

Dr. Venkatachalam Mangeshkumar founded Neurology and Stroke Associates, PC in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He holds medical degrees in neurology, geriatric medicine, and internal medicine, and he is one of only a handful of neurologists in Pennsylvania who are also certified in neuroimaging, specifically computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. He is the Director for The American Society of Neuroimaging and a Fellow of both The American Academy of Neurology and The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland