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Reflexion has partnered with the Penn State Center for Sport Concussion Research and Service in order to test the Edge and develop concrete statistical protocols to screen athletes for concussions using the data our device records. Leading the effort is Penn State’s Dr. Semyon Slobounov, professor of kinesiology and director of the center and world-renowned concussion researcher who specifically focuses on sports-related brain trauma. An initial clinical study is set to begin in January 2017, and further studies will then be conducted to further validate the device’s effectiveness.

By providing the most versatile dynamic reflex testing devices around, Reflexion Interactive Technologies strives to promote research of all kinds. Our devices can be used to accurately measure a change in a user’s reaction time, and this can be used to test hypothesized correlations involving visual reflexes. Because of the extensive customizability available to the researcher, trials can be set up and conducted in a specific, controlled manner. You can control:

  • The number and regions of lights
  • The illumination pattern (random or controlled)
  • The touch sensor sensitivity
  • The method of scoring
  • The type of data collection
  • The Reflexion Edge
    The Reflexion Edge
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    Fast. Portable. Affordable.