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Why Reflexion?

When an athlete receives a blow to the head or may have suffered a concussion, coaches and athletic trainers must make subjective, error-prone decisions in the blink of an eye to determine whether they are safe to return to play. Besides the general responsiveness and awareness of the athlete, they have nothing to base their decisions off of. That’s where the Reflexion Edge comes in. By measuring an athlete’s peripheral awareness, balance, and reaction time in quick 30-second trials, an objective measure and decision is made almost instantly, protecting athletes who may have otherwise unsafely returned to play. Check out our video below to see how the Reflexion Edge works! Here’s why you should choose Reflexion:


  • Our device is large, covering the full peripheral field of view of athletes.
  • The board is impact-resistant and very durable.
  • The Edge is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take the device with teams for away games.
  • All trials are customizable by number of lights, regions of lights, and duration.
  • Timing is precise and recorded in milliseconds
  • Data is instantly stored and analyzed after each trial to make an immediate return-to-play decision objectively.
  • Unlike competitor devices, the Reflexion Edge is an affordable solution for high schools and athletic organizations with lower budgets.
Trainer testing athletes reflexes
The Reflexion Edge
Reflexion Edge Board
New Reflexion Edge Unveiled January 4th


Since each trial takes only 30 seconds, the Reflexion Edge can measure athletes’ cognitive performance without taking away from valuable practice time. More trials can be taken during an athletic season, providing more data points with which to accurately recognize brain injury.


The Edge can be disassembled, assembled, stored, and transported in minutes, making it the perfect screening solution for sports teams that need to travel and bring their concussion protection with them.


Substantially less expensive than competitor devices, the Edge makes dynamic reflex testing accessible to almost all secondary schools, athletic programs, and medical facilities.