Providing Parents Peace of Mind.

With over 2500 full-color LED lights, the Edge has video capabilities which allow it to double as a scoreboard, sponsor advertisement, etc.
Since tests are so quick, multiple data points can be obtained for athletes with frequent testing, providing better results than baseline-only systems.
Unlike competitor devices, the Edge is affordable for primary and secondary schools.
Because of its lightweight modular design, the Edge can be assembled and deployed in minutes, transported wherever a team goes, and collapsed into a compact duffle bag for easy storage.
Rapid assessments allow athletes to be tested and screened in 30 seconds.

Our new prototype, unveiled at CES 2017

It is lighter, features over 2500 sensors, and collapses into a duffle bag.

About Us

We are an Angel backed startup striving to create a more robust concussion monitoring system. We recognize that millions of concussions are reported each year and that these are only a fraction of all concussions that athletes face in reality. We are currently committed to research and development and have partnered with the Penn State Center for Sport Concussion Research in order to validate our system. Athletes are our primary focus and we plan to protect them by providing a fast, portable, and affordable solution to keep them safe. We are Reflexion.